Dating Sites – Man’s Guide

    What I have noticed with dating sites, is you see a lot of the same things. It’s as if people decide that a format is the best way to create a profile on dating sites. If you go against the format, you go against protocol, and if you step out of protocol, you are taboo.

    So, let me (in a humorously true way) break down how the protocol looks to an original thinker who goes against their grain.

    All single women with children, must create a profile on a dating site. These single women must be divided into two groups.(and one bonus)

    1. Fun but crazy and careless with you
    2. Mean bitter analytical and not fun at all
    3. bonus, is just looking for someone to raise her family.

    This is what I get from the dating sites. I know it sound cynical from an outside perspective but you have to try it for yourself to see what actually goes on. Pretty much most of the stereotypes people have about online dating are incorrect but do a decent enough job explaining the people of dati8ng sites, but still very incorrect.

    Here is an example of a single mom with a daughter

    My kids are my life and we are a package deal so if you don’t understand the sacrifices made as being a parent move on to the next! I am a simple fun loving person, down to earth and easy going. I am more of a home body but do enjoy going out. I am a busy person and don’t get a lot of free time but if the right guy comes along I know how to make time for a special person. I enjoy having great conversations with people and I speak whats on my mind. I can be sarcastic and love making people laugh but also know how to be serious. I love almost all music but love to turn the volume up when listening to rock! I like playing video games with my kids, sometimes I feel like a grown up kid lol. There is nothing better than being outdoors, it’s so peaceful and beautiful just wish it didn’t get so damn hot! I have gone back to school and currently working on my Radiology degree and hope to be working at MD Anderson helping wonderful people. I am very passionate about people and life and try my best to make the best out of what I have been dealt. I like and have nice things but I am not materialistic. Money isn’t everything, it’s what’s in your heart that matters the most!

    I am just going by what I saw at this site my friend got me on.
    Single moms with daughters only, their profiles are all serious, and you can’t say anything to them without them over analyzing your statement and then flipping out . One asked me ” would you like to chat and get to know each other?” and I responded “Yes that sounds like a great idea” and she responded with “What the hell is that supposed to mean? “.
    Single moms with boys and girls, with the girls being older than boys, Seemed quite similar, except their profiles all say “I do everything for my kids” Which is honorable, until you chat with them and it seems they are profiling you to see if you fit in their Ex (or dead) husbands shoes and suit.
    Fresh out of a divorce, Knows how to give you what you need. but wait she’ll get sick of it if you count on it a lot.
    Single women with no kids , very carefree with their attire, but all have this look of “I NEVER HAD A PUPPY I’M GETTING OLD”
    Single moms with just boys have this peaceful pleasant look to them, and their wit, their wit is outstanding. They are fun.
    She has a man but he is in jail or rehab, dresses provocative but their personality is sweet and kind. She will most likely go back to him when he gets out. She loved him first. So far I am 0/3 with these.
    Single moms with boys older than girls, Almost the same, as if they know the boy will protect the little girl while she is away, but seem to have this personality of abandonment. She will be a partier but you will only see her maybe one day a week. but it will be fun.

    When I first posted this I was only hours into looking.

    Moms with sons…. They are awesome. The end!

    What I find best practice, don’t read that profile at all. Talk to the woman and how she communicates with you is what should matter to you. All of what is on their profile could be edited and cultured for better results and better impression rather than her true feelings. So talk to her. If she insists you must read the profile, move on. There are plenty more people on the sites. unless you like bossy.

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