Dollar Shave Club – I tried it

    My boss decided to get her husband and herself some razors from Dollar Shave Club.
    she knows I have been shaving my head for some time now, so my boss decided to get me a razor.
    She gave me a pack of 4 six blade heads and one handle grip. The Executive.
    As someone who has been using Gillette Fusion 5 blade razors (for $35 for 5 heads) for about 16 years or so, I said Why not. Many times I have tried cheaper blades and it has left me wearing a hat a couple days waiting for the cuts to heal so I can shave again. Since everyone is trying these razors and saying “they’re alright” I figured I should at least give it one more try.

    The experience
    The handle was nice and heavy and the grip was squishy, reminds me of Mushroom Grips for bicycles in the 80s.
    Loading the blades as simple as all of the others.
    Removing the blades take a bit more of a push than i am used to, but I am used to blades that fall off sometimes.
    Did I tell you I try cheap razors? Well I do. Since I have a few dual blade Bic razors in the bathroom that I have not used yet, I decided to give this a funny, half head comparison. Yes I shaved one side of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor with intention of shaving the other half of my head with the dollar store 2 blade Bic. After shaving the right half of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor, I realized there would be no comparison. This was a good clean fast shave. I even shaved slowly to be ready for the razor to just crap out and start digging into my head. It did not, and I clean shaved areas to the skin, in one single swipe where I normally have to shave two or three times. Of course just to be extra cautious, I went back over my entire head a second time. Never once hearing or feeling that satisfying crunch of “heck yeah I just cut more hair”.
    To take it up a notch, I hadn’t shaved my face in over 2 weeks. So why not just go the full 100% shaved. Never once did my hair get pulled. Not on my chin, not under the nose, not behind the jaw, and not at the back of my neck.

    There is a downside
    The blade was a bit too large to get the fronts close areas of upper lip by nostrils (philtrum?????). Ended up having to put a corner inside my nostrils.

    I have an issue with the idea of paying $10 for razors every single month when I know a pack of Gillette Fusion blades can last me several months considering that I do not and will not shave my head every single day. but the $10 isn’t much for the blades at that quality. still feels like that weird penny music club of the 80s where you get stuck buying a new cassette whether you want one or not. I just don’t like the idea that I will get sucked into the rabbit hole of the penny a month club cassette obligation thing . I mean look at it, my boss is giving away razors because they haven’t used up their first batch yet.
    There wasn’t any kind of razor holder to mount the blade to when I was done, just set it on the counter. Seems messy.

    If you want to make sure you have new blades every month and do not mind reoccurring revenue and have no issue with the waste of tossing out so many blades so often so you get your money’s worth, then the Dollar Shave Club wouldn’t be a bad suggestion for you. I myself am still trying to¬† decide. I really like the shave. A lot.

    Quote from Tracy from Dollar Shave Club

    For those that do not shave as frequently but still want a great shave, Dollar Shave Club does allow members to set up their subscriptions so they receive razors on a bi-monthly schedule. You’d also only be paying for the razors you receive.

    Always makes me feel weird when I get contacted by someone I review the products of.
    Can’t tell if I was a jerk or if they get that criticism is what it takes to move a product in a needed direction.
    The Score

    Things I looked for while testing the Dollar shave Club Razor Points 1-10
    Feel of blade 10
    Simplicity to load an unload 8
    Strokes needed to shave a row 10
    Easy to clean 10
    storage 1
    Feel of handle 10
    Cost 8
    Full score 8

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