Longhorn Rod Run 2015 canceled

    As some of you may know this site has hosted photos for the longhorn rod run for 5 years.

    This year we took a trip to old town spring on the scheduled date for the classic car show. Plenty of parking, not a huge crowd.
    Did the walk around, no classic cars. after about two minutes sitting eating Barbecue at the train, Old Town Spring posts a notice saying that the car show was canceled.
    The notice said that the Longhorn Rod run not only was canceled but that the car club disbanded.
    Meanwhile the application link on their site never worked this year anyway.
    so, sorry folks, no car pictures this year.

    There was no Longhorn Rod Run 2015

    Listed on the Old Town Spring Facebook page

    We apologize, there will not be a Rod Run event any longer here in OTS. The car club has disband. We apologize for…

    Posted by LongHorn Rod Run onĀ Saturday, September 26, 2015

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