Tornado Burger Review

    Located South West of Houston just outside of Sugarland.
    Of course when I walked into Tornado Burger, all of the guys in there were walking like they just got off a horse. Polo shirts and all, yet trying to walk like a cowboy. You know? The “I am a cowboy” mosey kind of walk where when they walk up to the counter they pull the front of their belt upward as if to say “Woah little horsey”. Then the little teeter they do at the end to show you they are top heavy and tired from wrangling horses all day.
    I sure hope you get what that all means. I seem to notice it a lot in barbecue and burger places that are located in suburban cowboy country.
    Has to be the atmosphere in there. Nice countryish feeling. Metal walls and simple tables and simple seats.
    Then here I come trying my best not to be that guy, I walk up to the counter and ask “Is your spicy burger spicy? ” well the dude rolled his eyes and the room looked at me and shook their polo shirt pocket protector wearing heads as if “yer not a real man you didn’t mosey, and nothing is too spicy” which of course I wanted to know what I was in for and so I could give this review a note based on what was said as to what I got.
    Well the cashier said “Pst shaw, not too spicy”.

    Tried their Spicy double meat and cheese burger. Added bacon, of course.
    Fries arrives in a 16 ounce Styrofoam cup. Seasoned and still had their peelings on them. Just like I like my french fries.
    This was a real cheeseburger, not too spicy. A touch on the greasy side. Not enough to run down your arm or anything, but enough to let you know that the meat is real meat and this is going to be a great burger.and it was. The meat was actually real meat that fresh. Not the mush stuff you get from most other burger places.

    I would gladly go back again. Just need to figure out a way to say “hey cowboy where’d you park your Porsche?” to everyone I saw walking weird in there.

    Tornado Burger Review Score
    feel = 8/10
    taste = 9/10
    smell = 7/10
    texture = 8/10

    Score = 8/10

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