Boycott Star Wars VII is fake

    #boycottstarwarsVII is fake.
    In all sense of the word fake. The protest does not exist. at all.

    #boycottstarwarsVII is supposedly created because Star Wars fans are protesting the number of actors who are of a race of which is not the same race these people are hoping for. Supposedly there is a group of Caucasian fans protesting the large number of black actors added to the new script of Star Wars VII.

    This whole boycott Star Wars VII is fake it was created by a troll who was making fun of conservatives all you’ll ever see online is people wanting to argue with racists and other people arguing, saying it doesn’t mean anything. The fact that anyone is falling for the whole #boycottstarwarsVII is  weird.  So this whole thing is a snowball effect from a troll creating a fake protest. This is a shame to all Star Wars Fans.

    The “news” website that posted the fake article about the man killing himself over the new Star Wars, is fake in it’s self too. The “News” site’s front page hasn’t changed and is full of stupid “articles”.

    If you notice, no one is actually defending the whole #boycottstarwarsVII “movement”, but people are asking why everyone is so quick to call racist.

    Stop feeding the trolls. Wait until you see someone actually defend that “movement” then you should act. The rest might just be defending “their people”, not some stupid right to have a single race cast, because it never was a single race cast.

    Funny part is this comes up with every Star Wars episode and gets busted as being fake, every single time.

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    1. Suburban | |

      I am completely off topic and have nothing relevant to say, but my lack of comprehension of English language and desire to make a point, left me trying to play grammar Nazi, but I failed.

    2. Suburban | |

      I you want to go on, looking like you never passed 2nd grade English, then that’s cool.

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      I you want to go on, looking like you never passed 2nd grade English, then that’s cool.

      I see you enjoy the Shatner comma. Let me go ahead and help you out here.
      If you want to go on looking like you never passed 2nd grade English, that is cool.

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