Are people mad about red starbucks cups?

    The latest internet “news” topic is saying that people Re protesting red coffee cups at Starbucks. The rumor is that people are. Supposedly upset about the color of the cups meaning the wipe out of a religion.

    Are people really protesting red Starbucks cups?

    The truth is… No. No one is actually protesting red Starbucks cups. This is yet another troll topic to start fights online. Created solely by trolls.

    Spoken like a dude:
    Some kids made a post saying that Christians are mad about red Starbucks cups, and that it means genocide of Christianity.

    It looked just good enough to get a ton of Atheists out making fun of Christians.

    The news got hold of the topic, and now it’s even worse.
    So everyone is bashing Christians and Christians are like “Hey screw you” now Atheists are like, “It’s just a cup and jesus aint real” .

    christians are like “Screw you even more dude”

    Meanwhile no one is actually supporting the cup protest at all. but atheists are like “HAHAHA You think the cup will take you to a fictional devil”

    Christians respond with “Man you’re going to hell”

    Basically, sheer stupidity.

    Meanwhile, Santa wears red and no one calls it Christian genocide”.


    Great……and now Trump jumps on it. Something tells me he is playing the role he was hired to play and make republicans look like morons.

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