Dollar Shave Club Two Month Review

    So I have been using the Dollar Shave Club razors for 2 months, shaving my head and face.
    The boss’s wife has been giving me new refill packs from their order. Which they are completely happy with, by the way.
    The first shave was amazing. Second shave with the same blade, not so amazing.
    Those blades are not made for multiple shaves. There is a very good reason these blades are so inexpensive; you cannot use the same blade twice on a beard unless you intend to pull the hair out by the roots or make nickle size cuts on your face, legs, head or wherever .
    Compared to the Gillette Fusion I have been using every other day, the Dollar Shave blades become 100% useless after the first shave while the Gillette blades go on for 3 complete head and face shaves a week for at least two weeks.
    Maybe not for everyone, but in my experience, I was not happy with the second shave attempt.
    I have also taken brand new blades out of the box and ended up with big cuts into my scalp anyway.
    Everything in my first post about Dollar Shave Club, was true to how I felt, but after a few uses of the DSC razors, my opinion has change drastically.
    I am not going to turn this into a bashing, so this is a short post.
    I will refuse the next set of DSC blades I get offered. To me, they just aren’t worth it, and I will continue to alternate between expensive blades and 10-pack for $1 deals. No desire to wait for my head to heal so I can shave again.
    By the time stuff like this goes away my hair will have grown at least an inch.
    By then I have to charge up the trimmer, charge up the electric shaver. I can’t handle this inconvenience.

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