Did a guy really buy up a single viewing of Star Wars at a theater?

    There is a picture on Facebook getting lots of attention.
    The picture is of screenshot of a post where someone saying their brother bought all of the tickets for a showing of Star Wars in a single theater.
    the image reads as
    My brother didn’t want anyone in the theatre at the star wars premier so he spent $2180 to buy all of the tickets.

    Is this a real post?
    Let’s break it down.
    Which countries spell it as “theater” and which ones spell as “theatre” ?
    of those countries which ones use the dollar symbol?
    When you go to a movie theater, look close at your tickets and look close at the seats. There is no limit to tickets, there is a limit on occupants. There are no seat numbers. What the theaters sell are occupancies. Not assigned seats. When the theater is full, they stop selling tickets. Selling one person a $2000 seat will not make up for selling 50 people $2000 worth of tickets, plus the items bought at the concession stand.

    People would still show up and sit down and the person in the reference photo would have to miss a part of the movie to throw a tantrum about someone walking in.

    Even though unconfirmed, logic says this image is most likely fake, or a poor choice by someone who doesn’t know how things work.

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