Single on Holidays No More – This One Is For The Fellas.

    Guys, the day before thanksgiving is your deadline for probable hook ups, until summer.
    That day is the day that any and every single dude could find a woman for a four month relationship at the drop of a hat.
    The last day before the first holiday with family.
    Next Thanksgiving, if you are single, the “desperate to not look single around mom” women will be found in autoparts stores, hardware store and bait and tackle shops.
    The rest of the year the women are prettier in those places, and with a guy they pick up after they dump the four month guy.
    Just past Valentines day, so she has someone to taunt when she gets in shape for summer body and gets a new man. Which she will be quick to let you know about.
    So.. If you are ready for that weirdness (damn straight a lot of them do it,) just go with it.. another women will be along in the summer.

    The closer it gets to the two major holidays, the uglier things get. The less she will be ideal for you and more bitter she potentially can be. I mean come on. She is this far into the year and still single, when she really doesn’t want to start next year single and she hopes to be broken up with you just after valentine’s day and on to new guy by summer. I mean two guys a year isn’t bad. Is it?

    So, she should be over you by St Patrick’s day and on to trying out new people.
    Be new people.

    Holiday time – be in men places. Tackle shops, auto parts stores, hardware stores, gun range etc.
    St Patrick’s day – be in pub type places.
    Summer – be on the beach and in clubs.
    Have fun. Find or don’t find, the main idea is to have fun. Fun people attract people.
    Pretty cut and dry. You must run with the herd and where they group and jump, is where you must hunt.
    Because no matter how cool she thinks she is about it, she is hunting too.

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