Fire Alarm Practice Tests

    While studying for my Nicet level I, I searched for practice tests and barely found any.
    The practice tests I did find didn’t seem to have answers to let me know how well I am doing on the test. So I looked up the answers and made a quiz for new hires at the place I work. I also made a few questions from things I learned while reading NFPA 72
    I think this is helping me study for the Nicet test. I am however certain it is giving me a better understanding of fire alarm installation and inspection codes.
    Some of the questions are just me taking exactly what is in the NFPA 72 and asking “True or False”. No idea if these questions will actually be on the Nicet test. They will allow the company I work for, a chance to evaluate new hired employees. If you see any of these questions and answers to be incorrect Please help me and others by pasting the answers below.
    This practice quiz was created for the sole purpose of learning how to read and navigate the NFPA 70 and NFPA 72 books quickly and easily, to help with actual test taking. This quiz was not created to give you exact questions on the Nicet tests. These may even help with learning how to study for Local fire alarm licensing test. They may not.

    Fire Alarm Level I

    Fire Alarm Level II

    I have completed Levels I,II, and III Nicet
    and now have time away from studies to provide everyone with something to practice looking up information with.
    I have also passed my FAL (Texas Fire Alarm License) and it was super simple compared to NICET. Very minimal requirements for the State license.
    Which explains everything I see at work.

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