The Way We See Global Warming, Is It Misleading?

    We all know that the ice caps are melting.
    There is no way about that.
    We all know that the ice caps used to be multiple times larger
    There is no way around that.
    That ice has been melting for many of years.

    To meet on middle ground
    With that in mind, can we not assume that the planet used to be a whole lot colder? Can we not assume that the Earth’s atmosphere used to be a whole lot dryer and colder?

    Can we not assume that the oceans used to be a bit smaller and now have risen a bit more because of all of the ice that has melted?
    Would it not be logical to believe that since the Earth used to be colder, that would mean the Earth now is a bit warmer?
    would not be logical to believe that the temperature (without man being involved) is continually getting warmer, and will eventually hit a peak after all ice is melted?

    This is global warming.

    To bring home the point
    Look outside anywhere on the planet (with exception of a few cities that make up like .03% of the surface of the planet) you are not engulfed in a gigantic cloud of smoke and black clouds of dust that are stuck to never blow away.
    The only thing man is doing during this pollution in the oil age, is just using up what resources we have for fuel. Sure the motor emits funky clouds but you have to grasp the size of the planet and the natural rate of the planet warming up.
    The fear mongering news keeping you at the edge of your seat waiting for a natural disaster, hears the words “global warming” and decides to add human factor in. The human part of the global warming issue is barely even a percentage of the temperature rise but is a real part. but a small part. Just enough to say we are a part of global warming. Exaggerate a line here, stretch a truth there and now we are finally looking up and seeing what we can’t fix. Because we aren’t the problem. The problem is the, the planet is just too hot. It probably doesn’t help that we pump out the natural coolant the Earth uses, and turn it into a fuel that can not be restored.

    Yes after a few thousand years of burning fossil fuels the planet would have been damaged. Truth is, there isn’t enough fossil fuel on the planet for us to do that much damage with smoke or smog.
    Yes solar and wind power are the logical options. No doubt about that. Yes Nuclear energy is certainly bad. So this is where we have an issue. The only way we know how to actually store energy from solar power, is bad for us. Quite possibly more catastrophic than a few puffs of smoke from trillions of cars.
    But that’s okay I guess since we somehow think that the way we harvest energy from sunlight is the best way possible, simply because no one has a better way. and it seems we just kind of accept it that way. And we accept that we only have one good way to store energy, likely for the same reason.

    So the question is, what can we do to prepare the future for the eventual global warming that will be here regardless of how we get our energy?

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