Fake Social Experiments, Stop Sharing Them

    There has been a rash of fake social experiment videos plaguing Facebook and youtube over the past couple years.
    Sure the message of helping the homeless or downtrodden makes you feel great and makes you feel as though you are helping the homeless and or brings awareness to homelessness.
    It doesn’t. We know there are homeless people. Homeless and begging has been going on for longer than there has been recorded history. and you are not helping at all. In fact you might be harming them.

    In the video that gets referenced where the guy gives a homeless man a pizza then another guy walks up and gets free pizza from the homeless man. Um… both guys (not the homeless man) have the same damn company logo on their shirt. When I see that logo in any video, I end the video. Because it is fake and rather offensive to my intellect…

    So basically…. Someone created a homeless experiment video, then the main homeless man in the video was to get funds from donations in his honor. The person who opened the account to go fund me account, had stipulations that the homeless man would not sign. The homeless man did not receive the funds. and was later found dead. Dead by the means that the video suggests would not happen.
    If you want to do something about homelessness, then start an actual foundation that does not keep most of the donations.
    You want to help homelessness, go to the local apartment complexes and trailer parks and find the spots with lots of people living in them and help those people. because someone in that group will become homeless.

    All of the social experiments that I have seen have the same level of falseness to them. When I see them I just scroll past them now. but it seems lately my Facebook feed has become rather heavily flooded with people sharing these youtube videos.

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