Houston Comicon 2016 Trader’s Village

    April 16th and 17th.

    Trader’s Village in Houston Texas will hold it’s very first Comicon on April 16th and 17th.

    Trader’s Village is upping their parking fee to $4 but not charging an admission fee.

    They are requesting comic book, sci-fi, cosplay dealers and artists and those with Comicon related material apply to set up displays. We can assume those folks will have to pay a bit of a fee. That would only be logical.

    Their registration form can be found on Trader’s Village site by direct download of the application PDF.

    For the rest of us who usually have to pay higher fees to get into regular venues for Comicon, there is no entry fee other than the initial one for parking.

    The site is huge. On a regular vendor day, it can take a full day of walking to see the content of every store. With an event like Comicon, it should take the entirety of two days to see as much as possible. There are acres of land with covered spaces to set up displays.

    There will be food like big turkey legs, pizza, hot dogs and corn dogs. Bathrooms are at the far ends of the property (so go when you see one). Did I tell you the place is big? There are also bars with ATMs in them that serve beer, wine and Gatorade if you need cash or a beverage. Yes people walk around drinking.

    Hope to see you there and that you are as excited to go as I am.



    If you would like to see what the location looks like, here are more pictures I took myself of Trader’s Village in the past few years.
    Trader’s Village day 1
    Trader’s Village Day 2

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