Superbowl 2016 is here

    Football season is almost over and it’s time for everyone in the office to start talking about who they like and who they dislike and how their team is or isn’t going to do this or that.
    Got me. Never cared any bit about football or the people who play it.
    But I do know a few things. Is football has it’s own fashions.
    Like :

    • You’re not a real fan if you don’t wear the jersey of the team you support.
    • The team you support has to be the ones I agree with or you’re not one of the cool kids
    • Your jersey can only be made from one manufacturer or you’re poor and gross
    • Buy big sticker of teams logo and put it in your car window like.
    • Sticker likely has to be from same manufacturer.
    • Big barbecue pit. Must run on gas because …. Lazy fat football guy can’t keep fire.

    “Buy truck, … must buy truck, not man no truck, buy beer in truck, must buy beer in truck not man no beer.. talk about football on big phone from truck with bought beer, no man no big phone”I picture this big penis envy f-tard in a gigantic extra extended cab double dully long bed 4×4 with turbo holding a 2 foot by 3 foot phone to his head and lone star beer and a hat that sticks out the window it is so big and a buckle he bangs his shins on when he walk, can’y Wizz past his first two fingers, and his eyes all swirly from the suggestive commercials …. when guys talk football.

    I have had guys question my gender and sexuality because I don’t care for football. ┬áTruth is, if you need football to prove your manhood, then you aren’t very manly on your own.

    And I don’t care for a sport where guys chase each other around on a field in tights and jump in a pile then pat each other on the butt, then later shower together.

    I will pass on Football, and pass on the Superbowl. Unless it’s lingerie football. (they changed the name to legends….)

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