Removing oil stains from a driveway.

    We had an incident with transmission fluid and we are currently working on removing the oil stains from the leaked transmission fluid.The driveway looks ruined. Now that the leak has been repaired we can now focus on cleaning up the mess.
    We have been testing (actually, desperately trying) every method of removing oil stains that the internet tries to help you fix.
    Found on the web many different claims of the “fix-all cure-all” magic solutions to oil removal from a driveway.
    oven degreaser/cleaner.
    simple green degreaser.
    Dawn dish soap.
    Tide powdered laundry detergent.
    Comet cleaner
    just pressure wash

    We used the multitude of cleaning agents the internet offered us and we used a pressure washer. In most cases we pressure washed to rinse the products off the stains.

    Our first attempt was to just use the pressure washer right after the initial spill.
    Though the attempt to prevent soakage was with good intentions, the results were less than hoped for. There was a stain after all.

    It seams the oven cleaner might have worked but also turned the concrete whiter than it should have.
    Though I am all for having the driveway as clean as possible, I am not up for having ultra white patches.

    Dawn dish soap (the blue bottle of course) We saw nothing come of it but suds in the driveway.
    Comet too. Even after scrubbing with a dish brush then a steal brush.
    Nothing productive came of those attempts. Though I do believe neither of these two products were designed for it, it’s just that some people recommended trying to use them, so we did.

    Currently soaking with simple green for the second time. first attempt we only let set for 30 minutes before rinsing down. This time we will allow 2 hours or until dry.
    The simple green didn’t do anything we needed either.
    So now we try Tide laundry detergent to see what happens with the stain,

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