Texas Toll Road 99 from I45 to 249

    Made a trip on The Grand Parkway Toll Road 99 from I45 to Texas 249.
    Time was 12:30 pm.
    This trip took all of about 10 minutes.
    Speed limit 70 MPH. Traffic extremely low.
    Most traffic was traveling at around 80MPH

    Grand Parkway runs right through an area that I have been around my whole life. Never knew there were so many farms and ranches this close to Houston.
    Was nice to see. The toll road brought out a nice looking commute.

    Low traffic. No slowdown
    No one is tailgating you
    Pretty scenery

    Long way to travel back to civilization.
    Traffic coming back into town was horrid.
    Easy tag only. Meaning you can’t just on a whim be a late person to test out the toll road. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you either get a traffic ticket, or you buy an easy tag.

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