Do you really live in Spring Texas? Probably not…

    This map isn't perfect but better than you.

    So you think you live in Spring Texas because you live off of 2920 and think that is about as Spring Texas as it gets. Well neighbor. It is not.
    You’re on the wrong side of the tracks to live in Spring.

    I have to clarify something for the people who live north of Houston and believe they live in Spring Texas because their mail says Spring Texas on it.

    Spring Texas has not annexed any cities nor has it grown in over 150 years.
    Klein has not shrunk, Kohrville has not shrank. Chances are over 75% of the people who think they live in Spring Texas, actually live Klein or Kohrville.

    sure you can debate with holding up your mail and screaming about how your mail says that you live in Spring Texas. Fine. But let’s have a history lesson.
    Long long ago when your grandpa’s grandpa came to town, he likely moved to a city that did not have it’s own postal carrier. So the mail was picked from or delivered from the only post office he knew of. Which was in Old Town Spring. Old Town Spring is the far West end of Spring Texas. Always has been, and will be until it eventually gets abandoned and consumed by Houston.
    After some time, the state/country decided to zone the country in zip codes. Nearest post office at the time of the zoning, was who they named the zip codes after. Meaning mail was brought to Spring post office for your zip code and would be delivered by Spring postal carriers. This naming has nothing to do with the name of your city. It just serves as an identification for postal carriers. Which we as a society have picked and accepted because it is easy to understand. Downside is some people didn’t pass on the information stating that you live in Klein Texas and your mail comes from Spring Texas post office.
    Go to Google and type in “Spring Texas” and watch what gets highlighted. There’s your answer. Look at a map for Pete’s sake. Have you seen a map? All this time have you been thinking they were all glitched?
    If you want a more definitive proof as to where you live, go to old town spring and actually read the historical facts there. Start with the museum then go to the post office.
    To prevent your children and grand children from being stupid, you should try and teach them the difference.
    To repeat and sum up:
    The city on your mail says what postal carrier your mail went to, the zip code says what zone you live in.
    Yes some cities that had municipalities fixed their zones when they finally got their own post office. Some did not. Heck, most did not.
    Okay that’s enough of this topic.

    Try the Harris County appraisal District. Type in your address and see what city you really live and who your taxes go to.

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