Dawn of Justice – Civil War

    Essentially the same story.
    Mr Goody Goody and mr money bags aren’t getting along. The money bags can buy and build anything he imagines. Goody goody can do everything, one can fly the other isn’t bothered by glowing rocks.but still.

    One movie is about a guy doing things to protect everyone, the other is doing what he can to protect everyone’s rights. They make each other mad because of each other’s interference. Likely will end up helping each other achieve their end goal in the end.

    Civil War trailer

    Dawn of Justice trailer

    This is DC comics coming up with essentially the same story as Marvel comics. Superman vs Batman and Ironman vs Captain America.
    With appearance from Wonder Woman, Ant man, Spiderman and lots of others. and Doom.

    Do you see any differences other than DC is being gloomy?
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