Spring Tx Flood Cypress Creek 4-18-16

    While kind of island trapped in my neighborhood, I grabbed my camera and hiked to the nearest creek to get photos of the water level. I’ve done this a few times, one of them made it to the website called “floods of Houston
    I found that the horse ranch near the creek was submerged and there were spectators with their cell phones out recording and photographing the damage.
    Now I am one of them.
    I was shocked to see how high the water level had risen over night, when it usually takes a couple days and a back up at the dam before flooding even slightly.
    Of course I knew something was wrong when I woke this morning and the water on my street (which never has flooded) was flooded from sidewalk to sidewalk across the street. The neighbor’s vehicle (which was parked on the street) had water up to the door. So of course I grabbed my camera and took a trek.
    There was a hay bail washed a near quarter mile from the nearest ranch.
    The news calls the area Humble Texas, but I’m pretty sure it is the edge of Spring Texas.

    Hay Bail
    Hay Bail

    Horse Rescue
    as I got closer toward the creek I hear people talking about trapped horses. Some talking of 14 horses trapped in a barn. As long as I have known the family that lives at that ranch, they get early warning, so I highly doubted 14 horses trapped in the barn. Then, I heard the splash.
    One lone horse came bobbing out from under the bridge of the overpass.
    Here are the only decent shots I got of it’s rescue.

    I watched that poor scared tired horse stumble on the slanted concrete right next to me and the look in it’s face was as the horse just wanted help making the scary parts end.
    The owners of that property have been there many years.
    The man that owned the house (last I checked) was always packing up the animals long before floods. He has cameras installed on the cypress creek bridge to watch the water levels. and he has many warning devices on his property so that he gets early warnings. None of his horses were trailered. Which makes me wonder if he is either sick or dead or out of town, and whomever was left in charge ignored the warnings due to so many false alarms.I know that man that lives there would not EVER ignore warnings. So something else happened.
    After the horse was good and safe, I crossed to the other side of the road to see how bad the ranch was flooded. It was shocking. I hadn’t seen the place that flooded since Hurricane Alicia. Which back then, he had his house lifted (or rebuilt on stilts?) and lots of sand brought in to the property. I believe he had a daughter the same age as me and we rarely crossed paths. I just  know I always wanted to borrow that big trampoline they had.

    Flooded Houses
    The two houses next to the ranch were nearly entirely submerged.

    Washed out SUV
    Treschwig road doing it’s normal. Flooding with high water.

    Flooded Street
    Here is the street to the ranch completely flooded under water.
    Notice the signs.
    Flooded Street
    And finally The height of Cypress Creek, is at least 20 feet higher than it’s normal level

    And finally, pictures of the flood taken with cell phone

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