Fittness Gyms N Houston

    I drove around the Humble, Spring and Tomball Texas areas looking for a gym to join.

    Stopped at Bally’s  and text messaged a friend to tell her my first stop. She of course panicked and told me to get the heck out of there if I value my money. No questions, just walked back to the car and left without saying a word to anyone. but the place was huge. I didn’t look around so no opinion about that place.

    Next stop was “anytime fitness” in Spring Texas. I saw people inside working out . So i was certain the place was open on a Saturday. Walked up, tugged on the door. It was locked. Scratched my head a could times and tugged on other door. The place is locked up. So …. it’s “anytime” but right now….?? Next stop LA fitness interstate 45 and Cypresswood drive. Go inside talk to the sales or recruiting or what ever they called the guy. He took me for a walk around the place and showed me the machines. Looked nice. first month and last month  up front plus Some other junk $150. Or i could sign up for the 9 bucks a week programs. I have no idea if that’s an automatic withdrawal every month or what. They don’t explain this at all. If you call they say ” you want to come up here and walk the site”. As apposed to “yes” or a simple “no”

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