Flood in Tomball at 249 and Spring Creek

    Tomball Texas, North of 2920 on 249, at the Spring Creek bridge, a friend of mine got stuck in the flood that happened on Friday 5.27.2016 in the evening time.
    His little ford ranger just was no match for the rising water. His mother recently passed away (less than 6 months ago) and the truck is actually hers. To him it is the world. It is the one vehicle he will hang on to for the rest of his life. So he would protect it with his life.
    He sent me a message asking if I knew anyone with a truck and if he could get some assistance with rescuing his pick up truck. I told I wasn’t sure and would have to do some searching and would get back to him. but I did let him know that I would help push the truck out of the water and out of impound range of the road.
    I asked him how bad. He sent me a picture.
    Yeah that does not look good.
    A few minutes later I got another picture.
    I told him that it looks great, and the water was receding.
    He sent me another photo, this time zoomed in.
    CharliesTruck (1)
    Me of course not knowing what kind of truck he actually drives I messaged back “Cool, let’s push it to higher ground.
    He sent back a response of “??????”
    followed up with
    CharliesTruck (2)
    Okay that was bad.
    His entire truck was submerged except a tiny small bit of the roof.
    I asked where exactly he was he sent me a map. well sort of a map. But I knew that exact location.
    I asked if he had a way home. Since his house is on one side of the flood and mine is on the other, I knew I would be no help for him to get home. I had to urge him to call someone in his area to pick him up. He said he would not be leaving the area because he didn’t want his truck getting towed off when the water level drops.
    I totally get that, and it sucked to get these messages.
    The next morning I received another picture.

    Video my friend shot of the rescue boats headed out on the water.

    This time with a message of “Okay truck is about ready to be pushed out you on your way?”.
    I told him I was just a few miles away and on my way.
    Within minutes I get another picture of the water level.
    He followed with “Okay I am going to dig through the truck now and see the damage”.
    A few minutes later he sent yet another picture of his  truck. He moved it out of the water to higher ground.
    Some guys from the area helped him push his truck to the side of the road as I was trying to find a place to park.
    I get near the area and the police and TexDOT had the area blocked with barricades and no place to park. Nearly a mile away from Spring Creek.
    If you click that picture and look at the little black dot in the middle of the screen. you will see what appears to be my friend, walking down the middle of the road toward me. This photo taken by a mutual friend that had no idea either of us were there.
    We drove for over two hours trying to find a way to cross back over to the Magnolia side of Spring Creek so we could get my friend home and call a tow truck. We ended up having to drive 2920 to I45 to 1488 to 249 again to get to the other side of Spring Creek at Hardin Store road to the store and pick up his belongings. which consisted of a 50 lbs tow-chain.
    Take him to his house and drop him off. and work our way back home through the maze.
    an hour after we get home, it seems my friend has made it back to his truck and was in the process of being towed back home, he sent a picture of his truck at home safe in his driveway.
    He had a window smashed in on the driver side. which we suspected was some protocol to check of there were any survivors/dead bodies in the vehicle while his truck was submerged in Spring Creek

    Until we saw his truck on channel 11 news after the water had dropped. His window was still there.

    Once again, no love for the indie guy from reddit.

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