What are the political differences?

    The political party you side with is the problem.
    The person you support is the most extreme version and representation of your party and you are happy because they “have the guuts to say/do it”
    The liberals versus the Right wingers. The democrats versus the republicans. The hipstercrats versus the teabaggers

    Let’s speak about the voters.
    There is no doubt that both of the two main political parties thinks the other party is wrong and out to make everyone jobless and out of money.
    There is no doubt that both parties think the other party has no idea how to run a country.
    Neither party wants to ruin a good thing.
    Both parties want to make things better
    Both parties will do the extreme absurd in rebuttal to the other party, which leaves us the worst of outcomes.

    You’re both going too far and electing idiots.
    Freeby guy or build a bubble over the country to keep people out, guy.
    Or the lady that seems a bit fishy with her intentions.


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