What to expect after working out begins to show on you

    Over the years I started putting on some weight. Not bothering or caring to workout anymore. Not bothering to do anything that used any of my energy. Through that time people started talking to me different. A bit dismissive at times, and sometimes more like they see me as an entire life of being fat. Yes. Fat .. I said fat. because I was pretty fat and had low muscle mass to drag that fat around.
    So I started working out.
    I have been on a steady workout for two years now. I have seen a few changes in my body. From slimming down and toning up, to adding mass.
    Maybe not some crazy level of mass, but enough to make me take a double take when I step on the scale.
    People act differently around me now. and no it’s not all in a good way. It’s more like a flip flop of of how people treat me now. I try my best not to react upon it when I am in public. Sometimes it can be a bit infuriating. Well it was at first but now I realize that everyone just does something weird when they get around someone who is in to health. I’m going to go through a few things I have noticed.

    Things people do when you work out.(everyday people)
    Touching. People touch me now. Women, men. It doesn’t matter, they all do it now. I have never in my life decided I want to touch a guy to see what my muscles could feel like if I tried. Women do it too. In one case my friend’s girlfriend, a woman that hates me to my soul just walked up and put her hand on my chest and just started talking to me. At first I was like “awe look she is trying to bond” then, ten seconds go by and her hand is still right there. On my manbewb. Just sitting there. 12 seconds.. 15 seconds. Okay I step backward and pretend I heard anything she said and chuckled with my “go-to” and said “crazy wow, I’m gonna get another drink brb”.

    Flexing. Guys for no reason start flexing. I’ve never seen anyone do this in my life until now. Just out of nowhere, stare down and start flexing. Often it is heavy set or just flat out fat dudes making fists at their side and holding their breath sticking out their chest and walking slow. Like a 3 year old playing Paul Bunyan or “I’m a giant”. Dude, I’m trying to eat my lunch, can we play “poser” at some other time? Were you doing a jumping jack and got stuck half way up?

    You would think people would expect you to carry stuff. Nope. They carry their own stuff. Sometimes they carry too much and won’t let you help.

    People do not like to hear you talk about working out, unless they ask you about it. No matter how excited you are about working out. It somehow makes them mad.

    Everyone becomes a specialist in fitnesses. Even the extremely out of shape and obese people. No matter how you workout, someone in the room wants to tell you how to do it better and get more out of it. “Back in my football days” What when you were 12? if you’re so good at it, then do it. Show me how it works, make changes in your life.

    Everyone asks about your diet. Except the obese and extremely out of shape people.

    Stare downs. Dude if you aren’t going to ask me on a date, could you not stare at me? Not that I’d date a dude, but dude, you’re looking at far too much of me to not be building up that courage. Some sort of “If I stare I win” thing. whatever that is.

    Whatever it is, it seems as though a lot of people try to prove things that they have not accomplished.

    No matter how or why you exercise, do it and ignore them all. But don’t go around challenging people.

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