Shameful campaign against Trump

    This is a fact.
    He is being treated in ways that would have libtards throwing a tantrum if it was the media talk about Hillary (because she is female) or Obama (because he is black)

    As if they are suggesting that black people or females are utterly defenseless or so ignorant they won’t understand the cruelty of the media coverage so someone has to defend them. Which they are not ignorant and they are not defenseless. Both are perfectly capable of telling you like it is.

    These tactics against Trump have done so much as planting nude obese statues of Trump in fat shaming tactics and in ridicule about small male body parts that he may or may not have. Forcing every person who does have matching body parts to feel a little less welcome in this world and a little more ashamed of the nature in their life they had no choice over. While all of the weirdos who took a picture of the statue seemed to be zoomed in focused on the child size man genitals. All video footage shows all of the trump haters strictly focused on that area. Not the hamburger bun butt. Not the flop of hair. Frontal crotch only. What does this say about our “Liberal” Democrat voters? Shame and humiliation is the way they win votes? and what does that say about news agencies taht title the images of the Trump statues as “Trump has no balls” Well it says they are like minded to the liberal sect and we can go ahead and assume the news on that site from here on out will be one sided.
    This statue that is getting put up all over. One man that seems to have the time and money to sit around building statues, planting them in different locations of the country without a permit, scaring children into asking mom and dad what that man’s body parts were. All for a political statement against a person running for president.

    This is what we have become. A country full of people to scared to smash the heads in of the loud mouths crying about their feeling. Meanwhile the ones who cry about their feelings, are the most offensive pieces of trash. So their entire feelings campaign and bullying campaigns are not sounding so valid anymore. Sounds more like excuses and cop-outs when they start getting slapped around by a society and a nature that has and always will be all about survival of the fittest.

    The Trump shaming tactics are disgusting and either need to stop, or the libtards need to STFU when the republicans do it back. Hillary with 2 foot meatskirts and stretch marks on the flapjack saggy bits.

    The democratic party is definitely nothing like they pretend. Their true colors are showing in this voting season.


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