Texas vehicle registration and child support – poor politics

    It seems we have come into some “feels good politics“.
    State of Texas is now revoking driving privileges of parents who owe child support.

    Texas revoking driving privileges of deadbeats

    This means that if you are a stated amount of months behind on child support, you will not be able to drive.
    This also means that a parent who is behind, will not be able to visit their child regularly.
    With also the underlying issue of, our government does not pick and chose who is the exception to the rule and who isn’t. It is like a machine. Our government has it’s function and protocol and the government sticks to the guidelines. Anything that meets the qualifications of a person who needs their registration revoked, or impossible to renew, it will happen.
    You have a physicist, who makes a pretty hefty living. He/she is divorced from whatever relationship made them unable to stay. The person pays a large amount in child support. The place where they work has for one reason or another become able to to employ them. Now the physicist has to look for another job. After paying for a divorce and new living accommodations and child support and possibly alimony, there isn’t a whole lot of money in their bank account anymore. So while in their search for a new job, the job market has been a little thin in their field, and lesser fields tell them they are over qualified, or the income is less than they can survive on while paying bills and child support. So they are holding out for a bigger or better job. One they are qualified for. More time pases than they expect. but finally a job comes up and they are a little bit behind in all of their bills. Car is nearly paid for but 2 months behind. You know. Normal human stuff. Crap never happens at a great time. So now they make it a month or so at new job and are ready to get back in gear. They go to renew their registration with their last $75, and they can’t. They are refused. So they decide “okay next check will go to child support entirely (if that is even possible) and i will get registration the following week”. Then they get a ticket two days in a row for driving with a suspended registration. Now they are refused registration for five years minimum.
    Reddit quote

    “Durr my ex can’t pay me, and we are starving, so I will make it harder for my ex to pay their share, that will teach them… uh…. hurrrrrr”

    Feels good politics do not work for everyone. But they make the bitter ones happy. As long as they are too angry to see past their selfish revenge.

    You have to see past how it makes you feel emotionally and see what it does to the millions of other people who are not living your life, with your ex that you say is a deadbeat.

    It’s in the child’s best interest for you to do nothing to prevent the one who owes child support, from getting to work ever again.

    there is no “temporary license” for this
    As it says on the Texas DPS website

    Occupational License
    Individuals who have their driver license revoked due to delinquent child support are not eligible for an occupational license.

    So there is no method of showing the state “Hey I am trying”. It’s either deadbeat, or deadbeat.
    This means that the parent trying to make thinsg right, will not be able to make it right unless they live in the attic of the place they work or within walking distance. Those jobs are usually so low on the pay scale, neither of you will ever make it off of that income/child support.

    Fix this ignorant law before you put too many in the poor house or on welfare.

    This is how the government profits from it.
    There is a petition to fight this

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