Goldberg Returns To WWE This Year?

    Last we saw of Bill Goldberg in wrestling was 2003.
    He said he was done. He did what he had wanted to do since childhood and he was done.
    After 13 years Goldberg is now in talks with WWE about a return.

    His original role in wrestling was on WCW as a hitman. Hired to clear out the wrestling villains. Goldberg retained a flawless streak for well into the hundreds of matches.
    He later moved to WWE, long after the merger of WCW and WWE. He did not play the same role.
    Speculation is that Goldberg will take on his hitman role, either hired by McMahon or Triple H to remove all contestants against Triple H’s crew.
    We may see Goldberg be used to beat the sense into many of the high contract wrestlers. Such as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Ryback and the Wyatt family.

    This could just turn out to be one single appearance. Be sure that The Rock will be there.

    Let’s hope for a jackhammer on Vince or Triple H eventually.

    However Goldberg returns to WWE, be sure that we all, already know.

    The only question now is


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