Is this a picture of the pipeline protest?

    So you see a picture of a bunch of people on a hill in a valley surrounded by cars and the image has a caption that says “This is why the media won’t show the protest on the pipeline #StayAware”
    or “Don’t stop sharing this. The media has already contacted me to remove this post, KEEP SHARING IT. NO DAPL”

    I hate to break it to you but that is a picture from Woodstock. Yeah. that Woodstock from 1969
    A simple search in Google will show you that the picture The guy is sharing is entirely fake. and possibly he has his comments turned off so you can’t call him out on it, and if you click on the share information below the image you will see it is the same 20 people continuously sharing it.

    Is it just an opportunist finding a chance to make a spam post on facebook with several thousand shares. By the same 15-20 bots?


    No matter how good it feels to share the lie, you are still sharing a lie. If you want it to be true, then go protest.
    Otherwise, delete that stuff off your page before your mom or dad sees it and face-palms themselves.

    More pictures of Woodstock

    Woodstock from almost same spot
    Woodstock from almost same spot

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