Should Texas Schools Hand Out Birth Control

    Rep. Donna Howard Is urging a goal to place birth control in Texas schools soon.
    Her goal is to cut down teen pregnancy to lower the drop out rate and healthcare costs.
    Here is a glimpse of the bill.


    AN ACT
    relating to a pilot program for the distribution of certain
    contraceptives in participating public school districts.
    SECTION 1. Subchapter A, Chapter 38, Education Code, is
    amended by adding Section 38.025 to read as follows:
    DISTRIBUTION PILOT PROGRAM. (a) In this section, “pilot program”
    means the long-acting reversible contraceptive distribution pilot
    (b) Using funds specifically appropriated for the purpose
    of the pilot program or other funds available to the agency for that
    purpose, available federal funds, or other funds received as
    authorized by Subsection (g), the agency, in coordination with the
    Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of State
    Health Services, shall establish a pilot program under which a
    school district participating in the pilot program may distribute
    or provide for the distribution of long-acting reversible
    contraceptives to students enrolled in the district.
    (c) The agency shall designate six school districts to
    participate in the pilot program. The agency shall include in the
    six districts designated:
    (1) a district located in an urban area;
    (2) a district located in a rural area;
    (3) a district to which Chapter 41 applies;
    (4) a district that is not required to take action
    under Chapter 41;
    (5) a district with a rate of teen pregnancy above the
    national average at the time of the designation; and
    (6) a district with a rate of teen pregnancy below the
    national average at the time of the designation.
    (d) A district designated under Subsection (c) may qualify
    under multiple criteria described by Subsection (c).
    (e) The agency by rule shall designate the specific types of
    long-acting reversible contraceptives that may be distributed to
    students under the pilot program.
    (f) A school district participating in the pilot program may
    not distribute or provide for the distribution of a long-acting
    reversible contraceptive to a student who is under 18 years of age
    unless the school district obtains consent from the parent of or
    person standing in parental relation to the student.
    (g) The agency may accept grants and donations to fund the
    pilot program.
    (h) Not later than December 31 of each year that funding is
    provided for the pilot program, the agency shall provide a report to
    the legislature evaluating the effectiveness of the pilot program.
    (i) The agency, the Health and Human Services Commission,
    and the Department of State Health Services shall adopt rules as
    necessary to implement and administer this section.
    (j) This section expires September 1, 2021.
    SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.

    The Cons:

    Schools can not afford to provide pencils,paper,notebooks, or backpacks. Things that are actually related to school. What makes you think they can afford to hand out rubbers?
    All the while we have schools that lack funds and are closing down. or mass exodus layoffs of teachers.
    It is not the schools responsibility nor the tax payers responsibility  to fund what your kids do with what’s in their pants. It is a parenting issue. Not a public problem.
    Sure you can debate that kids are going to do it and there needs to be something in place. This is about implant birth control which involves operations and insertion of birth control . HB 941 is not just about contraceptives like pills and condoms. Parents need to take care of their kids, stop pawning the problems off onto local facilities that are not even remotely related to the issue. Schools are for teaching.
    Your kid is going to speed too, should school be forced to buy and handout seat-belts?
    Your kids are going to overdose on drugs, should school hand out emergency steroid shots for the heart (like that scene in pulp fiction) ?
    No, be a parent and take care of your kids.
    Quit being a lazy “phone it in and pawn it off on someone else” parent. DO YOUR JOB.
    Here are more of Donna Howard’s other goals

    – HB 940, allowing for the purchase of a 12-month supply of prescription contraceptives
    HB 941, to establish a pilot program for Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) in public schools
    – HB 942, to conduct a study on sexually transmitted diseases among the elderly in the state
    – HB 943, to establish a Transgender Healthcare Advisory Committee


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