Chewbacca Mask Lady Was a Pro

    Remember the lady from early 2016 in the Chewbacca Mask that was publicized everywhere?

    Well she wasn’t an ordinary average normal soccer mom piddling around in her car waiting for her kids to leave school

    She has actually played the role of a “startled” woman playing with a gun on the front porch.
    In a staged video from several years back.

    Which that video was stupid. No one leaves a gun out on the porch. and no one just starts jacking around with the gun out of nowhere as soon as the video starts recording.
    That video was all sorts of stupid. She has aged a bit since this video but still same face, still same wierd thing she does with her hair.
    The Chewbacca mask soccer mom video would easily get a laugh because everyone knows that laughter causes laughter.
    Otherwise we would not have “laugh tracks” in our daily television.

    Someone has actually taken the time to show what a regular comedy that normally depends on laugh tracks would be like without laugh tracks.

    Now don’t take it wrong that tv shows can or can’t work without laugh tracks, because shows like Modern Family work just fine and have humorous sections without telling when you are suposed to laugh.

    Anyhow. She laughed, you laughed. Everyone had fun

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