Why Build a Wall?

    Should we build a wall or not? Who cares. Just do something.
    For years we have heard it. Someone wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico. FOR YEARS!
    No one ever does it.
    So we keep hearing it.
    Well, let’s let them build us a wall.
    Let them cover the wall in solar panels and let it support windmills. Cover the front of it with bird houses. Just build the thing as efficiently as possible so it can pass or fail . Let it work,let it not work. Which ever, does not matter. Just get it over with. Let it power small towns around the wall. Let the towns themself take care of the wall because it brings electricity to their town more effective, more efficiently than any other alternative. Let the wall have satellite dishes on it to bring small towns internet and cable on both sides so that both sides take care of the wall. Let the center section gather rain water for irrigation to the nearby farms, while it has millions of paddle wheels in side of it scattered to generate more electricity at the same time..
    Let the small towns and cities on either side be the authority on how the resources get distributed to the residents.
    Let the wall pay for it’s self.
    Either way we will no longer hear people say “If I was president, I would build a wall” . That whole phrase would be over with.
    People will stop trying to tell people “How it will be” if we do or do not build a wall to define the border.

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    1. 8katethegreat8 | |

      I think making it a multiple use wall is a capital idea! Windmills to power the lights, cameras and alarms on the wall, plus power the border towns on both sides, pump water and clean it, serve it up to the border towns, growth kudzu along the wall (ever try to get through kudzu? The illegals will give up. Stay in your own country and make IT a better place. If all of the people from poor countries come to the US, it will soon be the same as where you came from. Then where will they go? Back homs, to their own culture and make it work. Globalization is a scam.

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