Why Build a Wall?

    Should we build a wall or not? Who cares. Just do something.
    For years we have heard it. Someone wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico. FOR YEARS!
    No one ever does it.
    So we keep hearing it.
    Well, let’s let them build us a wall.
    Let them cover the wall in solar panels and let it support windmills. Cover the front of it with bird houses. Just build the thing as efficiently as possible so it can pass or fail . Let it work,let it not work. Which ever, does not matter. Just get it over with.
    Either way we will no longer hear people say “If I was president, I would build a wall” . That whole phrase would be over with.
    People will stop trying to tell people “How it will be” if we do or do not build a wall to define the border.

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