United Airlines and the Troll

    We have all seen the video of the man being dragged from the United airlines seat and seen the later video of the man inside saying “just kill me” repeatedly. but did you see the video of him running onto the plane saying “I just want to go home, I just want to go home” ?

    In the video you see of the man being dragged from the plane, it you never see anyone hitting him, and you never see anyone kicking him. Though early claims said that was in the footage. You do however see him come out of his seat fast and land in the next row over, either on his chest,neck or face. Which that would explain why he was bleeding from the mouth.

    This could all be staged and planned like a one of those protests where people go and taunt the police while their friends sit around with cameras waiting to get some action and make a viral video and sue everyone. and partly to change laws,codes and formalities. We know that there are a lot of people complaining about airline security being inconvenient. So we can’t rule out that the reason a lot of people think this is terrible treatment is partly because they don’t understand rules,laws,code,regulation and or standards.

    One thing for sure, if the air marshal tells you to get off the plane, you better feel lucky that your bumped your face and got a little bloody. They have the right to shoot and kill when someone is being too wild. and this dude seemed to be intoxicated. there is no reason a normal doctor would act in the manor this man did. It is like he became a 3 year old girl when he was told he could not have what he wanted. ” I just want to go home” x 10000. The part where he was saying “just kill me” was a bit dramatic and likely for the cameras for whatever hopes he has. Who knows.

    Facts are, he should have left the plane when asked to. and he should have been understanding of the fact that someone else was already assigned that seat. Be it an employee or a grand wizard from north mars and ruler of the galaxy, this isn’t musical chairs where you have a limited amount of seats and the first one to sit down wins. But is about calling or planning months ahead and calling dibs. Sometimes when you plan at the last second, you have to understand there will be set backs.

    United Airlines employees asked him to leave the plane. United Airlines employees offered the man more money and another ticket on another plane, they even offered other passengers money to give up their seats. No one gave up their seats so that the earlier booked person could get the seat they prepared for in advance.
    Do you not see this as odd?

    Has he seen a doctor and do we get to see the report of his doctor visit to see if he was on drugs or even injured, or if there is any sign of him actually being knocked out?

    Probably not.

    Well I know for a fact that when I buy eggs there are only twelve spots in the carton (if I buy a dozen) .
    You can try and for a 13th one in there but it just won’t happen.
    Similar situation. If someone was already assigned the seat and someone screwed up and let him “sit down” then by god let’s make the person who was assigned the seat sit on the floor because they failed at musical chairs.

    They offered him money, they offered other passengers money to give up their seats, but instead he chose to get yanked out of his seat like a 3 year old brat. So he fainted when it wasn’t fun anymore.
    You’re all being trolled.

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