The Motto of Men

    Mottos that every man should live by. These are the texts of real men. Not self help build your ego garbage. These are prides you actually earn.

    These are the dos and don’ts.

    Let no man hold the door for you. If a man does, then step aside and let him through. It is his, he opened it.
    You hold the door for all women. Even if they get offended. Sure the door is light and she is not helpless, do it anyway.
    Hold the door for no man. If his hands are full, he should have thought of that before he loaded up. If he is in a wheelchair, you’ll likely make him feel like he has to date you now.
    Clear your plate. If you don’t like the meal offered, don’t cry just eat it. ALL.
    You mow that yard, and make it the best yard. Or at least try. Not pay someone to do it for you. You bought that house and yard, do your bit.
    If you hunt it, then you clean it. You eat it. Don’t hang it on your wall. “Neat, you save scraps”.
    Feed your children first.
    You work hard to stay in shape. Not go to the gym in your swishy shorts staring at yourself in the mirror.
    You don’t give strangers the evil eye to show them who’s in charge. That’s for people with insecurities, and only helps his little ego. You give them the evil eye because they just screwed up and you’re looking for your moment. Just like a gun, don’t display it unless you intend to use it.
    Honor is worth more than pride.
    Pride is worth more than respect.
    Respect is imaginary.


    Man cave:
    If there is a room in your house that says “man cave” in it, Your wife decorated it via Micheal’s hobby house.
    A real man cave has stuff that is useful in it. Like an ugly fridge that doesn’t work but the bottle opener on the front still functions. So now it’s a tool cabinet.
    Little tiny CRT tv covered in grease in the corner… you keep it because it somehow picks up porn for free.
    That old coca-cola sign.. your grandfathers store used to have it in the window.. not because you like the soda or because it was on f%$&&ng sale.
    The Camaro pictures on the wall are of a car you actually built/kept running for a while. Not because you like Camaros. But because you respected that car.
    Little metal anything, better be a tool.

    Learn how to fix a car at least good enough to get home. Tow trucks take too long.
    Your truck is a tool, if you do not use it as a tool, it is decoration. You are no man.
    Seat warmers are for muffins. No man should have a seat warmer, unless he lives in Alaska.
    If you have a 4×4 and put it under a car cover. Get a sports car like all the other little p.p.s.
    Learn how to change a tire.

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