Jolt Cola is Back and Where To Buy

    That’s right, the 1980’s Cola has returned. The colathat was seen in the 1995 movie “Hackers” in the”Hack The Planet” scene… Is back

    If you haven’t heard already, Jolt Cola is back. Currently only to be found in a specific store chain.
    In Houston we have over 45 locations.
    Sad part is, they are only stocking about ten 16oz cans per store. That’s right, 16 ounces.
    The red with thin white stripes can with the yellow lightning bolt and white letter word saying JOLT is a 16oz can.
    It looks like the other flavors are not available at this time. No mention if they will make a come back.
    For now, we get a slow release of the cola.
    where do we find the JOLTs ? oh, oh yeah I left that part out. Jolt cola is going back to their original roots. They are only releasing the cola in Dollar General stores.
    Not all Dollar Generals will carry this wonder beverage though. Only a select few which you can find here on a map at Jolt’s website. (Watch out it’s slow. The map will drain a phone fast).

    I started looking for Jolt in the Dollar Generals right away. I found nothing and got a lot of stupid looks. So I took the easy route and went home and started calling all of the local stores to me. I finally found one that actually knew what I was talking about. sad news is, someone bought up every Jolt they had in store.
    Before I made contact with them I started doubting that this was even valid. I was sure someone purchased domain name and made a fake account and some photoshopped cans and was working on an elaborate troll prank. So I contacted Dollar General.

    It is confirmed. Dollar General is in contract with Jolt Cola and told me they will be full stocked by end of this week (at select stores only).

    I bought ten from the local DG

    and I drank two already. Delicouse.