Bissell SpotBot Pet floor cleaner vacuum – review

    We bought the Bissell SPOTBOT vacuum carpet cleaner from a local department store for under $150.
    Understand that we have 4 cats. Stains are going to happen. as responsible adults that do not want to live in filth, we are trying everything to keep the stains to a minimum. None if possible. So we heard about the SPOTBOT carpet cleaner. The thing is supposed to just run for 6 minutes unattended. While running the carpet cleaner’s scrubbing brushes rotate around and agitate the carpet, then change directions several times while spritzing water and or cleaner onto the carpet several times and vacuuming the wetness up. This process is supposed to remove carpet stains.

    Our initial run of the device was impressive, other than leaving a bit more water behind than we would like. Good thing for the had held wand. Sorry we have no before or after shots. So we decided to look for more stains. We found ourselves upset that we actually wanted stains to be found. We joked a bit about that. Weird. Anyhow. We turned to an old trick of turning off the lights and firing up the old black-light to find organic matter. What we found is that our regular cleaners, have been leaving behind a while glowing matter at each spot we have cleaned pet stains. So we are now testing to see if the SPOTBOT will remove those cleaners. After the first big spot we found. Results are… No. the SPOTBOT made no changed to that chemical stain in the carpet.

    Final assessment is that the SPOTBOT does exactly what it says it will do. but be aware that you will spend a few seconds with the wand sucking up the excess water.

    Also good note is that we did not use any cleaners in our SPOTBOT, even though it came with Pet Oxy carpet cleaning formula and pet stain odor solutions.

    Our test subjects were cat puke marks.