TruXter.Org is for Complaining about wrong doing, TruXter.Org is for giving credit where credit is due, good or bad, TruXter.Org is for  talking about good and bad products, good and bad companies, good and bad happenings in everyday life. This will be about everything the everyday person encounters..

TruXter.Org is for everything we see come and go without rambling about nothing. I do not claim to be a specialist in anything, I just want to write about what  I like and what I do not like, I hope that my opinion helps others make a decision in the events they are studying.  I do not wish anyone harm, I do not want to cause anyone’s company any loss, making them lose an income, but hey if you are what I might consider a ripp off, or dirty businessman, I want everyone to know what I faced to influence this opinion. Same thing if my visit at your location goes well. I want everyone who reads my posts to know what chain of events caused this opinion.

Please do not offer money for anything I write. That would be in poor taste from either of us. Now understand that if  I go nuts in a place praising your  products while I am there and you offer me some experimental french fries, darn straight I will taste them. Be certain I will post that you  gave me a sample.

You will not know me when I step in your place, you will not know me as I leave. but the world will know you.

I also request other writers to step in and say what they want to say. Be sure I will try many locations the writers write about here. Just to test what they are saying.. So if you call it good food and I try it and find tire tread, Your post will be removed.
There may be times I am using my phone to update posts or start posts. So there may be temporary typos or spelling error. That just means it seemed pressing to me and I had to type while at the location and I made the post active at said time.