Is Your Man Crazy Hot, or Just Crazy?

    But, is it fair to assume that men are somehow excluded as ever being crazy? Admit it, at some point in your dating history, you have looked back on at least one guy and thought he was completely out of his mind. I thought of a short list I encountered while single, and laugh (now). I thought it’d be fun to point out of the dating “red flags” I encountered back in the day. Enjoy!

    Sticker Shock Induced Health Care

    Been to a hospital lately? Did you have to leave a limb or two behind to foot the bill? Yeah, I know – seriously bad pun. When it comes to health care expenses, no one is laughing…or are they? As a brand spanking new nurse, I have seen people swear off treatment and preventative medications and screenings due to the all mighty dollar. It can be so frustrating for the patient, their families, and even for your nurse.

    Trash Day Today: This Woman’s Perspective

    Men and women have traditionally had different roles in the home, and those roles have also been traditionally established in the family, on the job, and even during times of war. Even sociologist and psychologists have conflicting theories on why this has always been, and most of those theories reflect either nature or nurture, while some do their best to incorporate biology into the mix as well.

    Regardless of theories, evolution, politics, or the advancement of women, the fact is the battle of the sexes rages on and is often waged under our roofs as some families struggle to find some middle ground. As if there weren’t enough to divide our gender assigned roles in society, trash day, dishes, and daily chores add fuel to already healthy burning fire.

    Was Armstrong Strong-armed?

    To word it this way truly attempts to paint LA as some sort of a demonic, creepy- Mr. Burns-type of character hiding in a cave somewhere, hunched over by the weight of his own guilt. They could have said that he declined to contest accusations of doping, but that would not have the same effect, would it. They could have said that after battling cancer that threatened to take his life for two years, winning 7 TDF races, surviving accusations of doping for each race, relentless training, providing countless previous drug tests conducted by foreign administrations as well as the USADA over the past 9 years (which he passed each of them), announcing his retirement at the age of 40 from a sport America hadn’t even heard of until Lance Armstrong came along and dominated it, and creating an organization that has raised over $500 million since its inception (before he became a bad ass of the cycling world): He simply is out of gas to face bogus charges with baseless accusations in a lawsuit created by the USADA breaking all of its own rules to customize LA’s downfall. He recognizes that regardless of what he does, his name is now associated with doping, and the likelihood of getting a fair hearing from an organization that unilaterally is the judge, jury, and executioner is not likely.

    The Hype, the Hypocrite & the Gay Marriage

    Being Christian doesn’t make me any more hypocritical than a non-Christian. The difference is I state my beliefs, and this gives non-Christians a stick by which to measure my actions. So by stating that I am a Christian, I am already prepared to have my sins pointed out and be deemed a hypocrite by non-believers. But, if you claim no set of standards or a moral code to which you subscribe, no religious principles, no philosophical code – then there is no stick by which to measure your actions. And by having no measure, you are free to set your opinion to the popular one at the time and hide your true feelings inside. That, to me, is being a hypocrite.

    Knowing Crazy

    You think you know crazy when you see it, and you label it all wrong. So, as a public service, I would like to clearly explain what these disorders mean, so that they will at least be used correctly by those tempted to diagnosis girlfriends, mother-in-laws and ex-boyfriends.

    Taking the Brutal out of Honesty

    Phrases like, “brutally honest,” and “truth hurts,” have become common clichés and we have heard it so much, we believe it. Being “brutally honest” has become somewhat of a compliment in our society. They are deemed a “straight shooter” or are admired for how well they “speak their mind.” Why is this trait considered desirable or a positive attribute? Do we really want everyone around us speaking what is truly on their minds? Richard J. Needham said, “People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty.” It’s a poignant truth. Think for a moment what it means to be “brutally honest.”

    The Skinny on Obesity: Is There a Cure?

    Obesity and its health implications may not mean much to us anymore. We have all heard the staggering statistics so much that it has lost its shock value. We have become rather accustomed to our lifestyle and don’t really seem to care that not one state in the U.S. has less than 20% of obese inhabitants. So perhaps we have lost our ability to be shocked into submitting to healthy habits and have no real problem with our weight knocking off a decade or two of our life span. Perhaps hitting us where it hurts would get our attention.