Prince Harry Photos – Reality

    Prince Harry had photos leak to the internet. and story is that he was not dressed at all. And he had just lost in a game of strip pool.

    The Hype, the Hypocrite & the Gay Marriage

    Being Christian doesn’t make me any more hypocritical than a non-Christian. The difference is I state my beliefs, and this gives non-Christians a stick by which to measure my actions. So by stating that I am a Christian, I am already prepared to have my sins pointed out and be deemed a hypocrite by non-believers. But, if you claim no set of standards or a moral code to which you subscribe, no religious principles, no philosophical code – then there is no stick by which to measure your actions. And by having no measure, you are free to set your opinion to the popular one at the time and hide your true feelings inside. That, to me, is being a hypocrite.

    Zombie Drugs

    A man in Florida was found eating another man’s face. When police addressed him, he simply growled at the police. When the police fired at the man, he continued to eat the other man’s face. The man was fired upon until dead.