Dude, I’m a cat

    I have been telling my friends that my does a few tricks. Of course when they first see him, he doesn’t know them so.. as a cat would do, he is leery of new people in the house. No chance in getting a cat to do any of his cool stuff in front of people.

    Fleas again Fleas again

    Well, Oreo has fleas again.
    First noticed he was biting himself frantically. So hard that he was grunting. Took a trip to the pet store and loaded up on flea drops. He lost a bit of hair from it. So…. no more hartz for Oreo.
    Have a few flea bombs under the counter. Here is the procedure about to take place.

    Neighbor’s Dog

    People need to realize how big their yard is before they consider what dog they want. You can’t get a dog just because it’s the type of dog you want. You get a dog based on it’s ability to roam and run and the size of the play and living area for the dog. You don’t get a Great Dane and live on the second floor of an apartment. You just don’t.