Superbowl 2016 is here

Football season is almost over and it’s time for everyone in the office to start talking about who they like and who they dislike and how their team is or isn’t going to do this or that.
Got me. Never cared any bit about football or the people who play it.
But I do know a few things. Is football has it’s own fashions.
Like :

  • You’re not a real fan if you don’t wear the jersey of the team you support.
  • The team you support has to be the ones I agree with or you’re not one of the cool kids
  • Your jersey can only be made from one manufacturer or you’re poor and gross
  • Buy big sticker of teams logo and put it in your car window like.
  • Sticker likely has to be from same manufacturer.
  • Big barbecue pit. Must run on gas because …. Lazy fat football guy can’t keep fire.

“Buy truck, … must buy truck, not man no truck, buy beer in truck, must buy beer in truck not man no beer.. talk about football on big phone from truck with bought beer, no man no big phone”I picture this big penis envy f-tard in a gigantic extra extended cab double dully long bed 4×4 with turbo holding a 2 foot by 3 foot phone to his head and lone star beer and a hat that sticks out the window it is so big and a buckle he bangs his shins on when he walk, can’y Wizz past his first two fingers, and his eyes all swirly from the suggestive commercials …. when guys talk football.

I have had guys question my gender and sexuality because I don’t care for football. ¬†Truth is, if you need football to prove your manhood, then you aren’t very manly on your own.

And I don’t care for a sport where guys chase each other around on a field in tights and jump in a pile then pat each other on the butt, then later shower together.

I will pass on Football, and pass on the Superbowl. Unless it’s lingerie football. (they changed the name to legends….)

ESPYs 2015 Sucked

Decided to sit and watch all of the deserving people of American sports win their appreciation trophies and hear their acceptance speeches.
Got very little of that.
espy2015The ESPYs was, to say the least, a whole lot of nothing and very little sports acceptance. The ESPYs honored maybe 5 people but took nearly two hours to make everyone feel bad, play aweful music and told us we all suck for having an opinion that isn’t approved by others.
What we did get from the ESPYs was a lot of whining. We got a lot of unrelated sports garbage full of emotional useless-to-sports crap.
Some dude who looks like an old worn out sock puppet getting an award that isn’t even about sports, for just being him. We had to listen to this dude dribble on and on about something that really needs to be talked about at meetings where people want to hear it. Like home owners meetings, counsel meetings and whatever, not sports awards.
We listened to people get emotional about all kinds of garbage that has nothing to do about scoring a goal, getting a touchdown, or striking people out.

When did sports get so whiny and dramatic?

Can we save this garbage for talk shows and soap operas? Can we get back to the games? Not the ESPYs. Let’s have people getting noted for being the best at this or that sport. Not “Oh I have migraines and have suffered for just being me” blah blah blah.

Heck even one sports figgure said “Thanks for the trophy, this show is about us” followed by whatever, but it does sum up what the show should be about. But the ESPYs this year took another direction… Drama…

The ESPYs are no longer to be watched by me. That was very un-entertaining. Thanks for guilting everyone, shaming everyone else and pointless drama. Heck That Kardashian show is more about sports than the 2015 ESPYs. I’m done with that junk.

Kevin Love Dislocated Shoulder, Malicious Intent

Kevin Love had his left shoulder pulled out of socket by what looks like an intentional tug and twist by Kelly Olynyk.
This appeared to be a direct attack to intentional break the elbow of Kevin Love
(00:20) in the video)

Does this look like it was intentional?

Kevin love did not take time to scream to the referee of a penalty or foul. he just ran off court to the back area. We can assume this was to get his shoulder fixed. But can we assume that the dislocated shoulder was done intentionally? Was this done with malicious intent? what could make someone actually want to damage another person’s arm?

Do you think Kelly Olynyk actually pulled and twisted Kevin Love’s arm with intention to break or dislocated joints?

Patriots and Deflated Balls

Flat-footballNow that the news is out about the investigations of what is being called deflategate, reports are coming in that a Brad Johnson of the Buccaneers paid to have balls deflated for the Superbowl.
ESPN is saying that 11 out of 12 balls were found deflated from the Patriots VS Colts, game.

The scary issue is that Brad Johnson is said to have done this at an actual Superbowl at the cost of $750 for 100 footballs to deflated.
That’s a career. That is a week’s paycheck to sit there and deflate 100 footballs. Meanwhile, no one noticed these balls deflated? Not one of the multiple referees who handled the ball before it was placed on the ground before the next play. Which this is a bit odd. Except for the fact they are just regular dudes, so detecting a pound or two of air difference may not be as easy at it should seem.

Could you feel the difference? Then again, your job isn’t footballs. So no… maybe you wouldn’t.

Never the less, no official news as to whether the Patriots will be penalized for flat footballs, or if there is another explanation. Which there very well could be a scientific explanation as to why the balls are somewhat deflated after almost a week.

You can be sure that there are a lot of football fans who want to see the patriots reprimanded for what they believe is cheating. Some are calling for the patriots to be disqualified from the Superbowl entirely.

Sports in the eye of a man that doesn’t like them

The international celebration of anxiety and anticipation. The gathering of men to cheer for someone their friends do not like because they want their underdog to come out in the lead because they see a spark. The mesh of people enjoying comradery and spirit.
Yeah right. It’s a bunch of guys looking for a reason to believe their friends are right more than they believe their own opinions ‘what team you like” yeah me too, Wilford doesn’t like this team he likes that team, he’s a clown”.
Grown men…

They watch a sport on the weekend then spend the next three days at work telling each other about the obscure thing they noticed and check to see if their friends noticed it too. Then argue weird points and scores and assume factual results.. Which may actually eventually happen, I mean in all probability, it will happen at least once.

  • Seems to be built solely for advertisement space
  • Watered down these days from original due to continually growing regulations
  • People don’t shut up about it. Even when you tell them you don’t care for sports.
  • Jerseys… People buy jerseys and it has to be a specific kind. as if there is some “Ultimate sports fan rule book” somewhere. yep sports day everyone wears their jerseys everywhere.
  • Everyone wants to be the ultimate fan
  • Best advertisement media for stupid people, ever. Just tell them it makes them manly and they’ll want to buy a truck and drink a beer.
  • All of that sitting around. Screaming at the TV.
  • Gotta have them buffalo wings. Why? Why saucy crap parts of the chicken?

Dear society please … please get out of this strange trance of ignorance. Watching men in tights popping each other on the butt and knocking each other over and laying in a pile and then showering together really isn’t the most manly thing there is.

player1: Me get ball, me run other side
player1: No me stop you from run other side.

All I see in the game.

TMZ Releases Video of Ray Rice Knocking out Fiance

TMZ just shared from reddit is the footage of Ray Rice Knocking out his fiance.

what you haven’t seen before is the actual punch that knocked out Ray Rices Fiance, and the amount of people that gathered around. The hotel staff that kept the elevator door open (possibly to keep the camera on them) and the woman who helped Ray Rice’s fiance to her feet.

This looks like a solid hit from a man who clearly hit her with force.This While she appeared to not be any threat of any injury to him.
The way Ray Rice drags her out of the elevator and the way he just stands over her. This is a hard video to watch.

That was a hard knock out punch that sent her head flying in what looked like a a solid hit to the handle bar of the elevator.

Since this event took place, Ray Rice has offered an apology Which can be seen on Youtube. With the woman who was stuck, by his side during the time he apologizes for hitting her.

Since this new video footage is shown, people are demanding a longer suspension and harsher punishment from Roger Goodell of Ray Rice.

UPDATE Ray Rice has been removed from the NFL.

Coca~Cola Superbowl Commercial

Coca~Cola aired a video of America the beautiful sang in multiple languages. This was during the highly anticipated Superbowl commercials of 2014.
The internet erupted in so much debate about whether the song should be performed  strictly in English or in whatever language the person enjoying the song should feel comfortable with.

Should America the Beautiful be sung in different languages

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One of the biggest arguments about any war, has been “if it wasn’t the war, you’d be singing that song in a different language by now”.

Also, Are you okay with the idea that a song written in one language can be translated into multiple songs? Does a song lose it’s meaning in translation, especially when you are working in the rhyming styles native to the language(s) involved?

Is it racist to find it offensive to change the language for an American sport major aired commercial?

Robot Combat League Episode 1


Robot Combat League is a tv show of Robots fighting in a ring for $100,000. It’s a battle of 12 Robots, down to the winning fighter. It’s Rock Em Sock em Robots, meets Mechwarrior, meets robot-wars/battle-bots.
First show, was a bit of the expected. Showing us the competitors knew nothing when going in, but get hands on training (sort of) and then the contestants get to battle.

With hopes, they get more into a lot more battle next season and the rest of this season shows all of teh backbone and intro stuff. since really, there are only a few teams and only a few shows to go.

First to battle Team crash. Team crash was the slowest in preliminary contest of time. Verses Steal Cyclone. The team with the lowest time.
Team crash was very uncoordinated through the first round. Driver (father) kept the lead arm (arm that daughter seemed to like to swing with) back too far to cause any damage. If she was swinging with teh right arm, the robot was stepped too far right. Team cyclone busted a hydraulic actuator on the left arm of Crash in the first round. Crash was up and running by next round. Father and daughter found their groove busted the right arm of Cyclone and then busted one of the Hydraulic pumps supporting the upper body of cyclone. This disabled Cyclone. Crash threw one more punch and broke it’s own left arm at the elbow area leaving the lower section of the arm just hanging by it’s own hoses.

The fight was over and Robot Crash won. Drivers of the robot Cyclone holding their head in their hand, left the arena.

Very much pleased. Again I can not wait until the show is more focused on the fights than the fighters. We can all research the robots and drivers later. We have the internet.

Reactions from viewers on Facebook.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight? Poll

Biggest Boxing event of 2012 so far.
Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight?

Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight?

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The internet Is arguing about the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight.
Most of the people on Facebook and Twitter say the same thing.
All of the sports news sites show exactly what the judges call. But clearly have edited out large portions of the fight.

So Interwebs, what do you think?
Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight?

Here’s more..

Bob Arum Refuses Rematch.

Comments Below are open. Say what you feel.

Brock Lesnar Calls it quits

Due to Brock Lesnar’s medical conditions, he calls it quits and leaves UFC.
Rumor has it that Brock is headed to the WWE again.
Is this a valid assumption? It very well could be. but the story is that Brock Lesnar quit UFC as a promise to his family, because his medical condition was making things difficult.

Question is, has WWE accepted Brock Lesnar back?