Should Texas Schools Hand Out Birth Control

    Rep. Donna Howard Is urging a goal to place birth control in Texas schools soon. Her goal is to cut down teen pregnancy to lower the drop out rate and healthcare costs. Here is a glimpse of the bill. A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to a pilot

    Texas Music Scene

    Texas musicians have a sound. In each category, all Texas bands have forever had a sound separate from all other musicians. Their sound, if there was only one word, I would say “weathered”. I say this like I am describing the Alpha lion. He has his battle scars, and rip

    Houston Tax Dollars Hard at Work

    This is what happens when our tax dollars are used for paying the people with the least amount of accountability. While the supervisor (only guy with license that is supposed to be on site) is either nowhere in site, or just willing to waste our tax dollars.
    Houston Texas, I bring you the best of Harris County Tax dollars.