40 Days of Fitness

Day 1 Fitness

That’s it. I have found the workout that seems to work with me and keeps me toned, takes weight off fast and easily and keeps me burning fat. Uses my time instead of searching websites for the next funny thing and flipping through the tv. Gives me energy to do things in the day and burns off weight and trims my gut in so my pants fit again. Yes I pay attention to what I eat, but I don’t do anything about it. I just pay attention and tell myself that I probably should eat differently. but that hasn’t happened yet.
After 40 days. I have some results.
Day 1 January 24th I took a picture for someone who wanted to see a “sexy picture” Needless to say, she never got that picture. I just couldn’t make a sexy picture. What once was pectorals, now flaps of meat with creases under them. What once was a toned stomach, now looks like a mass of dimples. There was nothing remotely interesting about any part of my torso. Chest blah, stomach blah, shoulders, laughable.

So I had to come up with a work out. Me being a person that hates gyms and the people that go there. I decided I would buy my own goods. I purchased one of those door gym things that snaps to the top and bottom of the door on stretchy bands. and yes it was very cheap feeling equipment, but $19, if it lasts more than a month then I have beat gym prices. Just have to use the door gym in more ways than just one so I can work out plenty. and I did. There wasn’t very much resistance with this door gym. It was a pitales Door gym so it really isn’t made for some huge extensive workout. PERFECT!!!

For upper abs and mid back:
face away from the door and raise hands (with door gym grips in hands) and without bending elbows bring hands to the front of me and lower to directly in front of me and then back. It’s very easy. do this 100 times.

For Obliques:
I turn a bit more facing the door.  Right foot  at the bottom nearest corner of the door, left foot centered on door 2.5 feet away from the door and pulled on the door gym bands as straight as I could to the left side of me 100 times and then switch.

For Traps and Delts:
Stepped 3 feet from the door and with arms out to the sides bring hands to in front of me until resistance reduces (try it you will understand). I had to put a towel on my shoulders because I don’t want rope burn. Do this 100 times.

For Chest:
Same location but step back half a step, and do what I consider a standing bench press.. basically do exact same movements you do when you bench-press something. Only standing up. Keep feet 5 inches apart and try not to sway. Do this 100 times.

Dorsi and  Trapezius :

Same as deltoids and traps. but raise hands above your head, step 3 feet from the door  and lower your arms to your sides. 100 times

Day 40 Fitness

I took the weekends off from working out.

Eventually after the third week, one of the pulleys on the door gym gave out. So I moved it to the single spot at the bottom of the door and continued for another week and a half before the other two gave out. I then moved to dumbbells. I now mimic everything I did with the door gym, but have to lay down. These dumbbells are only 15lbs each.

Free weights:

I now do two types of sit ups. and I only do 30 of each.
One I hang my feet over the edge of my bed with the edge of my bed tucked tight under my knees. I press my heels to the bed like I am holding on. Place hands over my ears and sit up . using my legs to assist in lifting me upward. This works out my lower abs so much that they feel like there is a steel plate under my belly button. This hurts.
Second I straighten my legs so they are not on the floor nor on the bed. more like hovering over the floor from the knees to heels,and hold one dumbbell at my chest and do 30 sit ups. This seems to work my upper abs a bit.

For upper abs and mid back with dumbbells:
Just mimic what is done with the door gym.
I lay flat on my back with my arms extended away from my head and lift the dumbbells without bending elbows at all and then lower them to my sides and then back to start position. 50 times. only 50 now because I am doing 2 times the work now.

For Traps and Deltoids and dorsi:
Stand with dumbbells in each hand, arms spread straight out to sides and without bending elbows, raise weights to shoulder level, lower back down to sides. Do this only 25 times. Much harder than the Door gym was, results are happening much faster now.
I have lost about 15 pounds of fat and added on 7 lbs of muscle.

I have put the other workouts on hold for now because I am trying to work on specific areas and the exercises I am currently doing are the only ones that leave my muscles hurting and showing a change. Will work more on other regions soon and will post when results come in

This fitness stuff really does give you energy and is worth it. Will workout more and post as I progress.
Let’s see what the next 40 days bring.


Disclaimer:If you try anything here, be sure to see your doctor first. and don’t do anything that hurts you. This is not a fitness lesson. This is my personal workout. I can not beheld responsible for your actions. So do not use this method without descriptively in detail consulting a doctor first and getting the doctor’s approval.

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