Day 1 – assessment

Here it is, day one.
I am about 30-40 pounds over my mark in body fat. and about 15 pounds under my mark in muscle.
So I need to tone up and lose around 20 lbs
Here is what I will be working to start
Two short fitness bands I bought from Walmart for $6
1 jump rope I bought from Walmart for $1.99
2 15 lbs dumbbells

I started out with a goal of 20 jumps with the jump rope. I told myself that if I mess up , I start over. Well.. I started over a whole bunch. I couldn’t even get 5 before wapping myself in the leg and starting over. I finally got my 20 though.
So much jiggled…..
now the stretcch bands I just held one end by my shoulder while I stretched out the other (kind of like using a bow, more like punching and kind of like a back hand.???). I did 2 sets of twenty with each hand

3 sets of twenty curls with the weights
15 push ups.
15 sit ups

yeah.. I am out of shape. Heart is pounding. head feels woozy.

I have no idea how often I will post on this. Let’s see if I can stick to it. I will take the stairs more often at work.

I will try and do mostly the same stuff through out the time I post these.
I am taking pictures but will not post until something significant happens.
Comment any suggestions or tips or tricks or questions.

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