Relationships – Man’s View

An understanding of love, like lust and just a quick desire to solve an issue. (hope you understand what that means). All in the way I see it.
As I post any posts describing a relationship or love or lust or anything in that category, you should be able to find it linked in this page.

There will be serious relationship stuff, and there will be funny or slightly humorous posts. I will note the difference.

Do your Morals Lie?

Secrets and Myths about the singles scene

Signs your Relationship is over

Dating Sites Review

Reality of Dating Sites What I found on Plenty of Fish

Cheating What Makes it So Wrong

Why does she Cheat?

How To Meet a Woman Simple methods to get a woman to go out with you.

How Guys Can Get Out of a Bad Date On that occasion where the woman just was not what you thought, when you asked her out.

Relationships Cause and effects What are the changes.

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? and what exactly is the “Friend Zone”?

Can We (Men and Women) Just be Friends? What’s the Benefit? and now the woman’s Perspective.

A Question to the ladies About proper procedure when requesting or offering contact information.

The Bad Wingman Is your friend a bad wingman? are you a bad wingman?

Dating – How I Detect a Bad Woman

Face the Rejection Admit the Flirt

Why do We fall in love with people who are already in love?

Is She Cheating on You?





Weirdo on a dating site

What is a Bad Ex-Girlfriend ? Well this is kinda True but a little funny

Do you have a crazy girlfriend?

How to Get Women – Funny Video

How To Get Rid Of a Crazy Girlfriend Mostly funny

How to tell if your girlfriend is Married Funny, just for humor.

Don’t let her buy your shirts. Pick out your own stuff.

Is she a stalker?



Drunk Ramblings that were supposed to make sense at the time
Maybe they will be fixed some time.
Ways a guy can be a better lover How you can be more of the man she might need.

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