Was Armstrong Strong-armed?

    To word it this way truly attempts to paint LA as some sort of a demonic, creepy- Mr. Burns-type of character hiding in a cave somewhere, hunched over by the weight of his own guilt. They could have said that he declined to contest accusations of doping, but that would not have the same effect, would it. They could have said that after battling cancer that threatened to take his life for two years, winning 7 TDF races, surviving accusations of doping for each race, relentless training, providing countless previous drug tests conducted by foreign administrations as well as the USADA over the past 9 years (which he passed each of them), announcing his retirement at the age of 40 from a sport America hadn’t even heard of until Lance Armstrong came along and dominated it, and creating an organization that has raised over $500 million since its inception (before he became a bad ass of the cycling world): He simply is out of gas to face bogus charges with baseless accusations in a lawsuit created by the USADA breaking all of its own rules to customize LA’s downfall. He recognizes that regardless of what he does, his name is now associated with doping, and the likelihood of getting a fair hearing from an organization that unilaterally is the judge, jury, and executioner is not likely.