United Airlines and the Troll

    We have all seen the video of the man being dragged from the United airlines seat and seen the later video of the man inside saying “just kill me” repeatedly. but did you see the video of him running onto the plane saying “I just want to go home, I just want to go home” ?

    Is Your Man Crazy Hot, or Just Crazy?

    But, is it fair to assume that men are somehow excluded as ever being crazy? Admit it, at some point in your dating history, you have looked back on at least one guy and thought he was completely out of his mind. I thought of a short list I encountered while single, and laugh (now). I thought it’d be fun to point out of the dating “red flags” I encountered back in the day. Enjoy!

    Walk of Shame and Fame

    Do you know why some men don’t like to do roses?
    Because everyone makes a big deal about it.
    Come to work wanting to put one rose in a cup in your own office, and watch every person in the building stare at you as you walk.
    That type of attention is stupid.
    Ladies, you want roses? When the guy comes in with roses and is obviously not coming to your messed up gross area, don’t say anything to him. Just let the man continue what he is doing.