Chewbacca Mask Lady Was a Pro

    Remember the lady from early 2016 in the Chewbacca Mask that was publicized everywhere? Well she wasn’t an ordinary average normal soccer mom piddling around in her car waiting for her kids to leave school She has actually played the role of a “startled” woman playing with a gun on

    How To Tell if your Ex is a Stalker

    stalk much???

    So there was a break up between you and the woman/man you have been in a relationship with for a few years. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is no longer your woman/man. You are no longer her/his man/woman. and you have already been through the “crazy Girlfriend” portion of this site and now, things should be back to normal, but you notice weird little things that can’t be explained or would sound paranoid, here’s a few that if you have one coming you might want to give attention to the possibility that your ex is stalker, if you have more, it just get worse. so two would cause more caution, all would mean she/he might be making little dolls with your corpses in the next month or so.