Can We (Men and Women) Just be Friends? What’s the Benefit?

    Having a good friend is a commodity that is in high demand and short supply. Just hearing the word “friend” can invoke lots of thoughts ranging from being reminded that you haven’t talked to your friend in a while and need to give them a call to recalling that “friend with benefits” you had back in 2001. “Friend” is not statically defined; it is a dynamic word that takes on various meanings.

    Why men and Women can’t be Just Friends

    why men and women can’t just be friends. and what is the friend zone?
    If you have “that female friend”, you know. The one that you wish would just yank her clothes off and let you off the hook of waiting.. Just lay it out there. If she never talks to you again, cool, that issue is resolved. You will not be her slave. You will not be told how confident you are or aren’t. You will be the one who took the risk. Win or fail, you did it, and trying is better than wishing you tried.

    Houston Raceway

    Houston Raceway Park 2525 South Farm to Market Road 565 Baytown, TX 77523-0918 (281) 573-1684 Spent the day at the race tracks. Watched the drag races. Some pretty  fast cars lots of noisy m0tors and beautiful women everywhere. Must have been about 97 degrees and humidity at 80%, but it