Goldberg Vs Ryback

    Bald head, Trimmed Scruff. his intro music plays he comes into the ring, hands out to his side about 1 foot from his hips with his head down, then a look up with a growl/yell into the crowd, head twitch left head twitch right, then a spit, then yell growl again.
    Almost identical physiques. Same height, same weight.It is a great comparison between Goldberg and Ryeback

    Wwe channel to come

    Wwe is getting their own channel soon. WWE network After all of these years, wwe actually gets an all wrestling all day channel. Speculation is lots of reruns of past wrestling events. Possibly a spot for hall of fame events. Most likely wcw events maybe a gathering of many past

    Why Matt Hardy Left WWE

    In summary, Matt Hardy left wwe wrestling, for a break. Matt needed time off. He said that he put in more work hours wrestling, than he did in living his life. Matt said he was wrestling while injured more often than wrestling while feeling well. Matt has been living the