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Took a Trip to Houston Zoo to see the Lions bears and Tigers and Kangaroos.

Though the time out with the people I was with was great. Actually wonderful.Was not happy with what I saw.
I saw a lot of sad animals living in small spaces, not looking healthy at all.
Except for the bald eagle named “Liberty” She lost a wing because someone shot her. The Houston Zoo is probably a better option than dying in the wild
I didn’t see any bears. Maybe I was too late.
I didn’t see a single kangaroo, and saw no monkeys except a few Chimps.

I tried to take the best pictures I could, and make things look as happy as possible. But really. all of the animals kept turning their backs to us as if they wanted to not even be there.
Except the elephants. The elephants seemed okay.
I guess it’s the only thing available. but really the land the Houston Zoo is on, is just too small and the taxes are way too high.
From what I understand, as you move away from the main area of Houston, you get cheaper costing land with cheaper taxes.
You may even get to tap into more fresh Aquifers to reduce the cost of water. Just these animals did not seem to be living happy lives.
I know you can’t expect much for captivity. Maybe it’s been too long since the last time I was at the zoo, and now that I am older, I see things differently than if I had grown up always going to the zoo.

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